Sunday School

Holy Cross Sunday School has an enrollment of 135 students and is assisted by 14 dedicated teachers, an assistant Superintendent and a Superintendent.  Average weekly attendance is 120 persons including teachers.  The age range is from 3 to 15 plus and there are 7 groups or classes.  The Sunday School meets every Sunday at 9 a.m., except for the 3rd Sunday of each month (which is youth Sunday), special Feast Days or other Church related events.

The Sunday School students is recent years have put on Easter Production on Palm Sunday for parents and congregation.  Students and teachers have represented Holy Cross at varying events hosted by the Diocese of Nassau.

As we endeavor to create a well rounded student and to have our children exposed to all aspects of our Anglican faith, we worship as a group every Youth Sunday at Evensong and encourage and instruct them to attend Church’s Feast Days and Diocesan Events.

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