Holy Cross Christian Achievers

The group was formed in 1986, as the Holy Cross Young Adults, to meet the needs of underprivileged children in the surrounding area. In 1994, the group changed its name to the Holy Cross Christian Achievers (HCCA).  Today, the purpose of the HCCA is geared towards promoting the highest standard of Christian living amounts its members and providing service to the Church and the Community.

The group serves the Church and Community through evangelism through sharing the knowledge of Godís word through the hosing of seminars and conferences and by supporting the Church and the Community through various outreach programmes.

Holy Cross Christian Achievers aim to raise the spiritual awareness of individuals of the group and to actively respond to the church and the community by:

  1. Expanding and developing its membersí understanding of the bible and Christian living
  2. Advocating the values and ideals of Christian service
  3. Assisting the church and the community with their special needs
  4. Enhancing the active membership of the group within the church