Holy Cross Anglican Church Men

The Anglican Church Men of Holy Cross was formed in 1967 as part of the Anglican Church Men of the Diocese of the Bahamas.  Over the years there has been a tremendous growth to over 40 dedicated men.  The ACM embraces the broad aims and objectives of the organization, which are:


As a parochial group, the Holy Cross ACM determined that working with the youth of the Bahamas was a most pressing need, and with this in mind, undertook as a major project, “The Simpson Penn School for Boys” and some of its members have volunteered to assist with the Claridge Primary School Mentor Programme.


To date, Holy Cross ACM has donated bibles and 4 computer (12 have been promised) to the school and regularly arrange for the boys to attend Church services and share in corporate communion on the 4th Sunday of the month.

The group continues to grow from strength to strength as its members strive to raise the spiritual awareness of its members and actively respond to the needs of the Parish and the Community at large.

The group meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month.



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